In the elementary class, the children’s learning is based on the foundation laid in the primary community. Children are transitioning from concrete thinking to more abstract thought processes. They are developing their social skills, forming strong friendships and deeper levels of moral responsibility. The children learn independence and responsibility, as well as how to get along respectfully in a community.

The children are engaged in the mastery of facts and skills- the basics of education that allow them to move forward. Information is connected across the whole curriculum of history, geography, math, geometry, science, language, literature, art and music leading the child to understand the bigger interconnected picture. Elementary children have many questions and those questions create the basis of exploration of the world and the universe. The children work collaboratively with their peers on many projects, showing a desire to delve deeply into topics that interest them.

Daily enrichment includes afternoon  classes in physical education, Spanish, art, music, and drama.

Lower Elementary – 6-9 years of age or First through Third Grades

Elementary Program Schedule

5 days a week: 8:45 – 3:00