Families interested in becoming a part of the Great Beginnings Montessori School Community will need to do the following:

  1. Inquiry: Please email
  2. Observation: Visit the school to observe a classroom and meet with the Director.  Classroom observation is an important step in the process and required of all applicants.  It is for PARENTS ONLY.  It is a time to sit quietly and observe the children and teachers at work.  Please save your questions and comments for the meeting with the Director following your observation.  This visit will last about one hour.
  3. Application:  Complete and submit your application to GREAT BEGINNINGS Montessori School along with the $100 application fee.
  4. Child Visit:
    • Toddler and Primary students and Parents meet with a teacher after school in one of the classrooms.  The teacher will show your child some of the materials to make an informal assessment of your child’s interest and development.  This is an opportunity for both you, the teacher and the Director to ask more questions.  The meeting lasts about a half hour.
    • Older Primary applicants (4 ½ or 5 years old) may be asked to spend time in the primary classroom with the other students.
    • Prospective Elementary students spend a day in the elementary class.  The teacher will show your child some of the materials and do a simple assessment of your child’s current skills.   This is an opportunity for your child to spend some time with the other students and for the teachers to see how your child fits in with the Montessori class.
  5. Acceptance: We will let you know within a week by a letter of acceptance and an enclosed contract if there is an opening for your child.  Admission depends on the number of openings, the number of applications and if we feel it is a good fit for your child and the school.
  6. Registration: Parents must return the contract and $500 registration fee within 10 days to insure a place at the school.


For information on tuition and fees, please contact the school.

Tuition includes materials, field trips and enrichment, parent education and special events.