“Great Beginnings is a special place.  After three years there, our son is confident, loved, intellectually curious, a great problem solver, and so proud of what he does every day. The caring teachers masterfully develop the key factors for long term success in school (I teach high school) – patience, self-regulation, focus, internal motivation, curiosity, self-advocacy and communication skills.  Many of these same skills also help children learn to be good friends and helpers to each other- a major benefit gained from the  Montessori/multi age model. It is hard to balance creating a caring, positive environment where social/emotional growth is valued and an academic environment where the sky is the limit, but Great Beginnings truly masters both.” – GBMS Parent

“Both of our children, (one girl, one boy) have had the greatest experience here at GBMS from Toddler through Kindergarten.  Any time spent in the classroom observing or visiting is certain to bring feelings of wonder – the children are SO engaged in what they are doing – either working independently or co-operating in small groups – it’s simply AMAZING to see how calm it is, but with a gentle buzz of meaningful activity! As a parent, understanding how each work builds incrementally on previous experience and brings such depth of comprehension to the lesson being imparted is simply mind-blowing – what a brilliant foundation for my children’s future.  I wish school had been just like this for me!” – GBMS Parent

“Great Beginnings has cultivated in my children a love of learning and love for their fellow man. I can’t imagine better qualities for them to have as they grow into adults! The curiosity that they have for the world and their ability to explore it and learn independently is truly a gift that they will always use. I would recommend this school to anyone interested in having a self-motivated child.” – GBMS Parent

“What separates Great Beginnings Montessori School from other schools is what the children learn beyond academics. The Montessori method encourages independence, grace and courtesy.  Our girls have not only learned their ABCs and 123s but also empathy, respect, manners, self-confidence and conflict resolution.  Here the children gain a great foundation to build their futures on. Great Beginnings Montessori is the hidden gem of Fairfield schools.” – GBMS Parent 

“The Great Beginnings classroom creates an amazing balance between structure and freedom.  After 4 years, I still get goose bumps every time I walk into the classroom and watch these self-sufficient, self-motivated, kids work so peacefully and productively.  And their love of learning persists well beyond the classroom and into our daily lives.  I will always be grateful to have been a part of this loving, dynamic community.” – GBMS Parent